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  • Elfing it forward this afternoon! Yay!
  • Three pics of Karter in my #2017bestnine, you guys really play favorites. 
I love all of these photos and each and every one of you!
  • When all those gifts arrive on the same day. #hidetheevidence 😉
  • Karter and I reviewed “Hey, Baby!” Thanks to our partnership with @momsmeet, read my full review and learn how you can win a copy on the #GrowingUpGreens website now! [ad] link in bio
  • A friendly neighborhood Elf dropped this off at our door today!
  • Spent the afternoon in the sunshine with this lady!  My soul sister, @tripnwithtrina!
  • We can be counted on to dress up about once a year. 😂😂 #masqueradechristmas
  • Playtime!